How to Prevent Water Damage

It is important to learn how to prevent water damage because it causes moisture that is hard to get rid of the house. Water damage can be extensive and hard to repair therefore homeowners should do everything to prevent it. If a leak occurs, take fast action to minimize permanent problems at interior and other structure of your home.

You can prevent water damage from happening by taking the following steps:

Ensure your structure is sound

Before you purchase a house or move into a new home, check if the structure is sound and leak free. Leaks cause accumulation of excess moisture from snow or rain, and it ends up damaging a home. If the ground adjacent to your home is saturated with runoff or rainwater, it will definitely find it way into your house if it has cracks and leaks in its foundation.

Unclogging gutters

Faulty gutters also contribute to creating wetness. Gutters collect precipitation and route it away from the foundation.  If the gutters get clogged, they will not divert melted snow and rainwater in the correct way, and excess moisture might accumulate around home foundation.

Seal leak point on the roof

Preventing moisture from finding its way into the home through the roof is a good step of how to prevent water damage. Missing or damaged shingles are common leaking points, therefore, need regular maintenance.  Ensure that there is proper sealing around doors, windows, vents and chimneys as they are common entry points of water and moisture that will cause damage.

Check plumbing regularly

Plumbing problems are known to cause significant water damages at homes. Leaking pipes cause small and major damages depending on the size of a leak and amount of water flowing through pipes. Plumbing problems can cause catastrophic damage if they occur and go unnoticed. Even small leaks can cause dampness with extensive damages.  They cause unsightly water marks on ceilings, walls and also create an atmosphere for the growth of mold.

Prevent termite infestation

A termite can cause water damage because they eat through the wood in walls and flooring. The undamaged wood can cause leakage of rainwater.  It is, therefore, necessary to keep checking wood for termites because an infestation will lead to damage that leaves space for wetness to sip in.

Install overflow sensors

Many large appliances at a home either store the liquid in larger volumes or generate significant condensation. These machines can cause significant water damage in there is no indicator to show when there is a leak, clogged drain, therefore, will keep running until someone shuts them down.  This is a common problem when people stay away from their homes for vacation or something else and return to find a giant opening in the ceiling caused by overflowing water.

The solution is to put a drainage pan underneath water holding machines and an overflow sensor inside it because there is always a risk of leaking.

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How to Prevent Water Damage